Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Your Cash Tagcelerator

Understanding the tagvaporator menu for your money-to-money links :
Wordle: Tagcelerator 01 24012009
Piano, piano you became a good datevalors. For you, for the others and for the peace.

Because making money by the money datevaluation produces webcashmatic plusvalues in cash phasis. So over your productive female savings. Webpowered for you.
By the datevaluation of each 10€ you got 1 OW (owndated webquantum in your Timestock_Cash_Asset) and these personal properties are the basis of your new economic performance in the wepowered Economy 4G3W.

Because the fusion of a 10€ saved parcel with the associated time (moment) of your datevalors action, produces 1 webpowered personalized bank-finantial material. This finantial material is the new generation universocial money.
The single parcel "owndated webquantum", your bank-finantial property, is living in the web selecting good production factors for increasing webadded value. The process is an webcashmatic plusvalues generator.

- Well and now, what ? Let me my cash if you please.

Sure. Just your attention because your webcashmotor has an item for your senior quality. It is for your free use if you like to try higher speed added value :

You can tagvaporate 1 or more of your OW's (owndated webquantums) with 1 or more choiced production factors which you find websurfing.
And if so your bank-finantial parcels may became much more prefered by the Owned Timestock Market. For you it means higher plusvalues.

- Well give me 1 idea. I will think about.

Sure. Put the RSS fonction just tagvaporating the OW your prefer. In the Universocial Cash Fund were you link your money-to-money, this bank-finantial parcel that you own, has now an RSS for the market.

- Well not so bad, it seems. May I tagvaporate goojet ?

Sure. Production factors are entering no stop. Just choice, even beta start up's may accept and be accepted by the WUW.

Your personal webcashmotor is an icon absolutely safe. You can not make an error, because it is brain insured by Silicon Animal Phones.


Cedric Giorgi said...

Hi Filipe,
same question here as on the other blog...
What do you mean by "tagvaporate Goojet".
Can explain to a newbie like me what do you mean with your theory ?

Thanks a lot for takinh some time to explain me it.


Anonymous said...

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